A Science-Based Approach

Functional Medicine is a science based approach that assesses and treats the underlying causes of illness through individualized therapies designed to restore health, balance and improve function. It is a comprehensive model that focuses on our genetic, biochemical and environmental uniqueness. I practice medicine using this model.

Functional Medicine is a systems approach, not an organ approach. I am interested in why a symptom or a disease exists; what does that mean about your body at a cellular level and in terms of the functions of the basic systems of the body. It is a concept of medical care that views health and illness within the context of an individual person's entirety. We are an interdependent web, a web of systems that connects all our cells and organs into one cohesive unique person. We are also connected and interdependent with other people and with our personal and global environment. All this affects healing and our health.

Working in collaboration with you, I translate your knowledge and experience of your current and past health into a holistic medical model. To do this, I use what I have learned as both a conventionally trained physician and as a doctor learned in Clinical Nutrition, Physiology, Nutragenomics and certain Naturopathic principles. My approach is to optimize function and vitality by combining the best of cutting edge medical science, and the newest research, with standard medical care and integrative care. I will discuss with you a realistic approach to your health issues in a way that reflects your goals and beliefs.

Together, we can co-create a uniquely suited combination of diet, supplements and lifestyle habits and that will be your foundation for a very powerful, effective, and safe system of health and healing.